‘It’s a virtuous cycle’: Audiences and advertisers seek health and wellness content and publishers are seeing green

Digiday 23 Sep 2020 04:01
September 23, 2020 by Kayleigh Barber

Despite the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the economy, and subsequently on the advertising market, health and wellness as an overall advertising category remained fairly even year over year in terms of dollars spent and publishers are taking a moment to capitalize on that interest.

Bustle Digital Group, Condé Nast and theSkimm are three publishers that have built out new content products and advertising vehicles that not only give audiences the more health and wellness content they’re asking for, but to give advertisers more opportunities to partner against this desirable content.

“While the skincare category has been on a steady incline for some time, in [the second quarter] it saw a 317% growth in consumer search demand according to Google, fueled by COVID-19 stay at home orders and greater emphasis on personal self-care,” said Tierney Wilson, managing director at digital consultancy January Digital, who leads digital strategy for several beauty clients. “Health has officially become a lifestyle.”

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