Dataminr’s tips to averting a brand safety crisis

The Drum 11 Feb 2019 06:14

Knowing what shapes the perception of a brand is critical for every marketer. Real-time information discovery company Dataminr tackled this subject in a webinar hosted together with The Drum.

The Drum x Dataminr Webinar: 5 Ways to Handle Brand Safety and PR Crises

Titled ‘5 ways to stay ahead of a brand safety crisis,’ the digital event was led by The Drum’s client services manager Jordyn Davis, Dataminr VP marketing EMEA, Robert Mata and PR consultancy, Chameleon director, Theresa Meredith-Hardy.

Backed by Dataminr insight and data, the event assessed how important real-time information and modern marketing can be in avoiding brand reputation crises. With examples from brands as far reaching as Uber, Nike and KFC, the webinar laid out a series of tried and tested strategies to prevent marketers from making easy-to-avoid mistakes as well as teaching them how to weather and move on from a crisis, should it occur.

Crises can befall a brand for all sorts of reasons; perhaps a business leader has been indicted, a product has failed, there has been a data breach or a spokesperson has been caught in a precarious position. Whatever the scenario, the webinar hosts suggested that access to real-time information can be an effective tool in understanding the full scope of a crisis.

The session set out an easy and stress-free step-by-step guide to make crisis management possible to ensure that brands suffer the least possible consequences should anything occur, while also assuring marketers that they have a back-up plan in place.

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