Marketing in the Age of Bad News Blues: Three Ways to Combat Crisis Fatigue

MarketingProfs 23 Sep 2020 02:00

Americans live in a constant cycle of crisis. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep across the globe, each day brings new developments that fill people with feelings of fear, sadness, anger, and anxiety, which creates a challenging marketing climate.

In an ideal world, companies and customers would be communicating in good spirits. Today's buyers, however, have a case of the bad news blues. They are bombarded with upsetting stories and images every day. In turn, many sellers are experiencing immense economic strain and uncertainty.

Brand trust was already low before the pandemic. Now, marketers must work even harder to craft engaging and effective campaigns that both encourage trust and free their target audiences from the doldrums.

Navigating the Crisis Climate

Some businesses have responded to the coronavirus crisis by going dark. According to a March 2020 survey, nearly 25% of CMOs said they postponed their paid marketing efforts because they didn't want to be accused of leveraging a crisis for corporate gain.

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