Omnichannel header bidding brings better monetization

What's New in Publishing 12 Jan 2021 07:30

Some omnichannel publishers have been slow to adopt omnichannel header bidding strategies, but for those who do, the payoff seems worth the effort. This is the key finding of a recent research report by Advertiser Perceptions, The State of Omnichannel Wrapper Solutions: US Market Landscape Study, which includes findings from a survey of US publishers involved in programmatic advertising. Header bidding is now a widely adopted tactic among publishers, with nine in ten implementing solutions for desktop and 84% using header bidding for mobile. However, there is a gap between publishers that have implemented truly omnichannel header bidding, across three or more advertising channels, compared to the publishers who have not.

Publishers that have adopted omnichannel header bidding cite a variety of advantages, particularly improved monetization, improved demand optimization and improved efficiency. The Covid-19 pandemic drove impressive numbers of impressions for many publishers in 2020, but many of those impressions went unfilled or under-monetized because publishers had not optimized their programmatic strategy. For example, many publishers have yet to implement header bidding wrapper technology for OTT and CTV, where a large increase in impressions was particularly dramatic.

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