Community Is Key in Building a Multimillion Dollar E-commerce Company

Entrepeneur 16 Oct 2020 04:00
Community Is Key in Building a Multimillion Dollar E-commerce Company
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Any business book or LinkedIn coach will tell you that you need a great product, supply chain, and distribution strategy for your e-commerce business. That’s all true, but oftentimes direct to consumer brands miss one big strategic focus — community development. Companies like Glossier treat their customers as influencers. BestBuy has an exclusive network of "Tech Insiders." Curology has a community strategy directly embedded into their business model and Sephora has their #SephoraSquad that redefines what an influencer is to a modern brand. All of these organizations have employees that lead their community efforts, and it’s working.

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What "community" means

Community means something different to everyone. Today I see community development teams manage influencers, advocates, affiliates, creators, customers, ambassadors, super fans, celebrities, associates, insiders, and more. Modern teams have leaned into the nomenclature around community, while those still catching up treat individuals in each of these categories as separate factions. Communities are a group of people with a common interest and objective. They have similar goals, they are loyal to each other, they are actively present and participate in similar activities.


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