Bringing Customer Data to Life With Consumer Values

Gartner 12 Jun 2019 03:40

In this complex cultural moment, keeping up with consumer behavior has never been more frustrating and exhausting. Marketers need every advantage to understand consumers’ changing attitudes and desires. But typical customer data doesn’t go deep enough to arm marketers with that kind of critical information. Consider the piles of data you have — is it enough to move the needle?

If not, perhaps the time has come to look at consumers in a different way, using consumer values as a tool. Gartner’s annual Consumer Values and Lifestyle Survey gives marketers an opportunity to understand what’s important to consumers and why. Consumer values can unlock those clues to the things you can’t always see in customer data: what consumers aspire to, what they want — the way they think about themselves without regard to actual behavior. Consumer values allow marketers to go deeper in understanding consumers while putting context around the data they already have.

Values Can Be Your Key to Success

Values are concepts, qualities and attributes that humans most associate with and that inform our attitudes, decision making and expectations for ourselves, others, institutions and brands. Simplified, values drive behavior. They provide a thematic understanding of what matters to consumers and why. Gartner’s Consumer Insights Research Team has been quantitatively tracking 93 values since 2010.

Understanding consumer values can serve as your first line of defense in consumer strategy, messaging and the boardroom. They can give context to data points you already have but don’t know how to leverage. They can help you master where you fit in to the culture as a brand, and allow you to keep up with consumers today.

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