The evolution of push notification strategies, for publishers

What's New in Publishing 31 Jul 2020 07:57

The recent Reuters Digital News Report found that the use of push notifications for news has been growing in recent years. With more and more alerts on readers’ lockscreens, how are publishers working to stand out?

To answer this, we dug into examples from MittMedia, The Times, BBC, The Dallas Morning News, Ouest-France, DuMont and more.

More than breaking news

It should come as no surprise that push notifications have matured beyond simply breaking news, with successful publishers viewing push notifications as a distinct platform for their content. We’ve seen as well that breaking news alerts are less effective in driving traffic back to a news website or app; instead, editorial or marketing alerts are key.

Publishers have also experimented with sending follow up push alerts after a breaking news notification with additional analysis or context — in hopes of rising above the noise.

Push notifications are important for more than just news websites and apps: they are key for edition products as well. We’ve seen how crucial editions are for habit formation strategies, with their set publication time helping to reinforce habits.

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