There is something strange about our universe, scientists find after mapping the cosmos

The Independent 31 Jul 2020 05:36

Our universe is much more "homogenous" than would be expected, scientists have said after producing a detailed map of matter in the cosmos.

The findings could suggest that there is something deeply strange about our understanding of the universe, which could require a new kind of physics or fundamentally alter our understanding of dark matter.

The new results come from the Kilo-Degree Survey, or KiDS, which uses the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope to map the distribution of matter across our universe. So far, it has charted roughly 5% of the extragalactic sky, from an analysis of 31 million galaxies that are as much as 10 billion light years away.

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Tilman TrsterHendrik HildebrandtRuhr UniversityUniversity of EdinburghBochum
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