75% of people watch mobile videos on mute: What that means for advertisers

Digiday 10 Jun 2021 01:00

Dan Greenberg, president, Sharethrough

Recent research into mobile video consumption behavior illustrates a change in human behavior that has implications for the shifting media landscape. Data shows that, unsurprisingly, rather than keep the sound on, 63% of people keep their phone on mute.

What may be surprising is that 75% of people say they often keep their phone on mute even while watching a video. While the percentages vary by generation (85% for Millennials versus 64% for Gen X), the trend is universal — behavior has changed, and videos are more often watched on mute than with sound.

The way content is consumed online has altered significantly over the last few years as well. Consumers are now navigating mostly through feeds rather than individual pages and engaging with content on platforms where nearly all ads can be skipped, blocked or muted.

In 2021, brands are planning to allocate more than half of their overall video advertising budget to digital videos, and 75% of video ads will be watched on mobile devices. In a world where mobile video is largely muted, brands and agencies must adapt their creative strategies to that reality.

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