Analytics for publishers: Understand the true value of your content

What's New in Publishing 09 Jun 2021 09:55

Page views and click-throughs are not enough anymore. To grow loyal audiences and develop the broadest range of monetization opportunities you need the tools to build a deep understanding of what content works.


Publishing used to be more about instincts than insights. ‘What should we publish?’ was a conversation conducted without the threat of instant feedback. Performance data was available only at publication level and came in days, weeks, sometimes months after the fact.

Digital publishing and the introduction of audience analytics has changed the conversation forever. Now, data at the article level is readily available, from referral paths to conversion rates, dwell times to frequency of visits.

Knowing what content works is crucial in the increasingly competitive online media space. Content-related data and the audience insights it can deliver are among the most powerful growth tools any online publisher can have; but only if you are able to clearly reflect business objectives and deliver analysis that you can act upon.

  • In tracking visitor behaviours you can go deeper to compare content performance across audience segments. Understanding group or even individual preferences lets you target specific segments with the content most likely to engage, convert and retain readers. Behavioural data also directs the development of more effective user interactions, from mobile requirements to headline or subject line testing.


  • Plugging into a content analytics platform is only the start; you then have to create the right reporting dashboards for your business.To make the best use of analytics data, it needs to be easily accessible to everyone that needs it. Work with your vendor and invest the time to set up your systems so that they provide the right people with the right information.


This article is an excerpt from our free-to-download report, 6 publishing technologies that will make a difference to your business.

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