How to reach 3.5M readers in a year? Here’s Romania Insider’s story

What's New in Publishing 23 Nov 2021 08:20

For online publishers, establishing different digital distribution channels, monetizing them, and building an engaged audience are equally as important as creating high-quality content in the first place.

For Bucharest-based Romania Insider, the challenge is no different, and the English-language publisher has struggled to achieve the balance between readership engagement, growth and profitability.

Eleven years on from its launch in 2010, however, and the news website is now a firmly established part of the Romanian media landscape with 460,000 unique visitors each month. Not bad for a publisher with just four full-time journalists.

Part of the publisher’s success is down to its content niche. By making Romanian news accessible to a worldwide audience through its use of English, the publisher has tapped into a far wider audience than most of its bigger competitors.

Subscription and membership drive

Monetization has been a persistent challenge and, like many online publishers, relying solely on advertising has been an unsustainable strategy.

The app was a huge success with almost 10,000 opens in the first 2 months after launch. People fell in love with it. Such was the impact, Romania Insider changed their CMS from WordPress to Joomla, and we rebuilt the app so that it works with their new platform.

Paulina Kubala, Marketing Specialist, PressPad

The future

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