Just 10% of brands in the UK excel at customer experience

Marketing Week 09 Oct 2019 06:20

CX50 customer experienceOnly 10% of brands in the UK have a net promoter score (NPS) of 40 or more, with logistics, energy and water emerging as the worse sectors for delivering on customer satisfaction.

Insurer NFU Mutual (70) is the company with the highest NPS in the UK, according to Bain & Company’s first UK Consumer Study shared exclusively with Marketing Week. This is followed by First Direct (63), Volvo (49), Netflix (49) and Amazon (44).

By industry, the tech sector has the strongest overall NPS (36), followed by automotive (31) and media (25). Conversely, logistics is the worst-performing sector with an NPS of -13, followed by energy (-10) and water (-8).

The fact that just 10% of the 190 brands surveyed appear to be delighting customers is “disappointing”, although not overly surprising, argues Stanford Swinton, partner at Bain & Company.

While each of the brands in the top 10% has their own recipe for success, he notes common ingredients.

“Be known for something and measure success one customer journey at a time. These companies deliver great customer experiences consistently, which translates into how they deliver great end-to-end customer experience,” says Swinton.

The study, conducted in collaboration with market research company MaritzCX, benchmarked the customer experience delivered by more than 190 brands in 15 industries across the UK. For every brand Bain & Company collected at least 50 customer responses, and up to 200, taking the total number of customer responses to 120,000.

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