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What's New in Publishing 23 Nov 2021 07:54

Growth of The Information is good news for media business

The Information has made some extremely smart plays over the past few years – especially the ones that seem counterintuitive. Way back when the business information site launched its entry-level, shortform counterpart Ticker in 2019 there was debate about whether it would be additive to its existing audience, or would dilute and devalue the core news product.

Since then The Information has rocketed on, launching weekend lifestyle editions and sundry other services that continue to lend weight to Jessica Lessin’s core idea. As Anna Nicolaou writes for the Financial Times, its success has also bolstered the confidence of other publications looking to monetise high-value audiences through insightful news and analysis:

“‘It’s an updated [business to business] model. It’s far different from a consumer publication’, said Ken Doctor, founder of news start-up Lookout Local. ‘It’s a matter of: do you have enough talent to produce something really revelatory to a decision maker?’”

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