Digital Marketing Tips To Keep Insurance Companies Competitive

News and Insights 03 Apr 2018 12:56

Operating in a highly disrupted sector, all successful insurance companies must engage and retain customers – more effectively and reduce high levels of annual churn. Ashwin Saddul, managing director at Better than Paper, highlights key digital marketing challenges and how they can be overcome – so better results are achieved

The big challenge for marketers at insurance companies is to ensure that their brands remain relevant and competitive – by establishing credibility and building mutually beneficial customer relationships. This means employing digital marketing activities better – with the consistent production of more engaging, personalised content – delivered in a compelling, memorable, and efficient way – and across a wider array of customer touchpoints. To achieve all these aims, fivechallenges need to be overcome. I have highlighted these below and discussed how each one can be effectively addressed.

  1. Personalisation

Insurance companies need to identify segments and grow audience conversions with precision message targeting. In practice, it’s becoming harder for marketers to engage audiences because gaining their attention is increasingly difficult. This means to keep an audience’s awareness for longer, content must be personalised and made relevant – by getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

This objective can only be achieved by understanding that audiences are now highly selective, savvy and peer influencer-driven. They also represent different personas and different personas respond to varying content types. So there’s an increasing need to segment the demographic and psychographic market of audiences by assessing their different personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles – so tailored, relevant content can be delivered. Another advantage of doing this activity better, is by gaining a better understanding of audiences’ preferences – will play a role in achieving GDPR compliance too.

  1. Multi-channel publishing

To increase customer satisfaction, insurance marketers need to better manage increasing demands for multi-channel, higher value, content – whilst attempting to increase engagement and dwell times – 24/7.

Using cutting-edge, fully integrated content and publishing platforms can enable marketers to unlock the potential of digital content, by effortlessly consolidating their own content – alongside curated web and social content – that is published across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Platforms also help simplify the digital content production processes, rapidly increase higher value output and reduce the rising cost of content production – by updating or producing material, such as news, research, reports and high quality videos – consistently and swiftly.

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