Vodafone to cut more than 1,000 shops as focus shifts online

Telegraph 08 Oct 2019 03:19

Vodafone Group is to cut more than 1,000 shops across its international markets as Britain’s second biggest network operator seeks to move more customers online and to integrate its new German business, chief executive Nick Read said.

The London-listed network giant will reduce its 7,700 stores by 15pc within two years. The company confirmed the total number of UK stores would not be affected, with reductions focused on other regions.

The move will also see around 40pc of stores upgraded or changed, with some turned into larger experience centres showcasing the company’s technology and services. Others will be turned into kiosks or "click and collect" shops.

Mr Read was speaking at Vodafone’s Germany headquarters in Düsseldorf, where the company has started bedding in the fruits of its £18bn merger with Liberty Global’s German business, Unitymedia.

Mr Read said the company planned to use digital technology to manage sales more efficiently and smoothly for customers. 

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