Digiday+ Research: Alternate identifiers now figure in advertising deals for two thirds of publishers

Digiday 23 Nov 2021 05:01
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November 23, 2021 by Max Willens

The great cookie migration slowed from a stampede to a slower trek this year, but a majority of publishers are now using the alternate identifiers that will help replace third-party cookies in their ad sales deals, according to new Digiday+ research.

For the most part, the identifiers figure in a small percentage of said deals. But publishers appear to have used 2021 to test small numbers of the identifiers and incorporate them into how they do business.

In November, Digiday surveyed several dozen publisher professionals about different aspects of their business, including how their employers were preparing for Google ending support for third-party cookies. Respondents were asked to indicate how involved they were in those preparations, and the responses of 54 people who have, at minimum, direct knowledge of their employer’s plans were grouped together.

Their responses paint a picture of a group that has kicked the tires on a small number of alternate identifiers. Most respondents said their companies had tried out fewer than six since Google announced it was going to end support of third-party cookies.

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