‘Bullish that it will be higher’: Bloomberg Media Studios has grown revenue 30% year-on-year

Digiday 15 Oct 2020 12:29
October 15, 2020 by Lucinda Southern

Bloomberg Media Studios, established in 2017 as one of the earlier examples of a publisher evolving its content studio to be more consultative for ad clients, has grown revenue by 30%, year-on-year and global headcount is more than 25 employees. That growth is thanks to launching new ad formats to expedite campaigns, working with new clients in different sectors and drawing on its data chops to create longer-term campaigns tied to consumer behavior change and trends for brands to own.

In April Bloomberg Media launched a suite of services called Rapid Response, essentially a template of social video ad formats, where clients like IBM and software company Atlassian can get a video ad live on Bloomberg Media ecosystem between 48 hours and one week.  

Revenue growth is attributed to the clients opting for this suite of services as well as other clients increasing marketing spend, knowing that content production and investment during a recession is key. Bloomberg Media has also spun up new verticals, like Bloomberg Green (climate change and the green revolution) and Bloomberg Wealth (personal finance). The former especially, has introduced the publisher to new and different brands outside its core sectors of business and finance. 

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