Has the Pandemic Made All Companies Recognize The Strategic Value of Technology?

Gartner 12 Jan 2021 08:22

In short. No.

I bring this up because I’m hearing a lot of universal declarations that dealing with the pandemic has basically forced every organization to become enlightened about the role technology plays in business today.   I wish it were the case, but the data from our recent surveys–conducted during the pandemic–does not strengthen that story.

Part of our work in surveying buyers of technology is to include a set of questions that help us determine the Enterprise Technology Adoption profile of the organization.  ETAs use an algorithm we developed to group companies based on attitudes toward technology, with a focus on their approach to planning, control, and pace of change.   We regularly see much more insightful findings when grouping companies by ETAs than traditional firmographics.

During the pandemic, Gartner has been revving up our engine with a variety of different studies focused on understanding buyer behavior, both during and independent from the pandemic.   We’ve had over 4000 respondents across a variety of industries, locations, and enterprise sizes.   One of the questions we include to determine in the ETAs is this one:

Only a third of respondents viewed technology as either critical or a significant value add to the business.   We did have many respondents tell us that their attitudes have changed during the pandemic, but most are uncertain if those will sustain after it is over.

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