3 Marketing Tactics Entrepreneurs Should Implement to Improve Their Return on Investment

Entrepeneur 06 Apr 2021 10:00
3 min read
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Marketing in today’s world has to be a collaborative effort. Unlike the strategies of the bygone days, marketing is no longer a standalone, customer-facing method to promote your manufacturing unit. Marketing now invites all departments and sets them on a route to achieve short and long term goals.

To make things more difficult, some people have different definitions of the same roles, such as growth hacking and performance marketing. These terms have been described differently in the context of their inputs and outputs. The inputs are resources and routes that are taken in order to receive the outputs expected. When the planning goes wrong, the rest of the road can be extremely confusing and the resources will most likely burnout.

There are a variety of decisions that lead to the unproductive outcomes and startup failures. The following three strategies are crucial to making the most of you and your marketing team's time.

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