How tech is revolutionising subscription management

What's New in Publishing 23 Sep 2020 07:18

Turning casual browsers into followers, or ultimately into subscribers, is a challenge facing publishers in every sector of the media. Startup Zephr, which last year received a significant injection of venture capital, is pioneering customer journey solutions that are rooted in technological innovation.

Here COO, Felix Danczak, details how the company has grown and how he believes that personalisation and optimisation are the key to successful sales.

Felix Danczak

So tell me a little about the history of Zephr? When were you set up? What are the key challenges you are trying to address?

Zephr has been operating since 2017 (It was renamed Zephr in 2019, it was previously called Blaize). The business was bootstrapped by James Henderson, the CEO, and in 2019 took GBP£2.3M (USD$2.9M) in funding from Nauta Capital, a venture capital fund. We have grown 3x in the last 12 months and continue to scale at pace – growing the team from 20 to 35 today (and still growing!). Zephr helps media and digital businesses to gear up for the fast-growing subscription economy. Over the years it’s been very tech and code heavy to create new customer experience and journeys. Zephr enables the business to be closer to the product, easily creating high-conversion user journeys, rapidly building stronger customer relationships and dramatically boosting retention rates and revenues.

You recently expanded out of the UK to offer your services in Europe and the US. Are there differences in the way that people consume content and the role of paywalls in the different territories. Or is it all roughly the same?

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