What is a Turn?

Gartner 02 Dec 2019 11:00

A turn represents the context behind proactive and productive change. Turns hold a particular spot on the change spectrum covering the middle ground which is often missing from most corporate strategies.  Without this middle ground executives too often let disruptive forces fester until they create an existential threat that warrants major high risk transformation efforts.

The idea of big risk big reward is enticing to executives.  Organizations, they rationalize, need a crisis to create meaningful change.  Business media, strategy firms and consultants feed the desire to ‘bet the company’ as the few who win make it onto the top pages of websites, MBA case studies and included as references in proposals.  All of this gives a false sense of confidence, when a better answer is readily available.

Why don’t more people change with the curve rather than being forced into a crisis?  That ability to change requires something called – winning in the turns.

Leading before the crisis

Leading ahead of a crisis is tough.  Executives are constantly bombarded with potential threats with no clear way to sort out the noise and respond to the real forces.  Waiting until a force builds into a crisis is the default ‘funnel’ for managing into the future.

These forces are all at play to one degree or another depending on your firm, industry, geography, etc.  High tech firms are in the midst of changes across the board including the ones above along with changes in their revenue, margin and go to market models.

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