Bosses share burdens of leadership during a pandemic and its effect on their mental health

Digiday 22 Feb 2021 05:01
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February 22, 2021 by Tony Case

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After the pandemic first hit, Devin Johnson remembers standing in the middle of his empty office in Indianapolis on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Nobody else, it seemed, understood what was happening in his world or the challenges he faced.

It was at that moment, said Johnson, cofounder and CEO of the lead generation firm Kennected, that he experienced clarity and made the decision to channel his energies into confronting those struggles, pushing harder and coming out even better on the other side of this crisis, for himself and his company.

“What was very important was that I and the c-suite of the company remained positive and focused,” said Johnson, whose clients include Walmart and Merrill Lynch. “That’s what being a leader is all about — you need to set the mood and clear the path for the rest to follow with confidence.”

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