‘We want to drive more transactions’: As e-commerce sales accelerate, more media dollars are going to Pinterest

Digiday 30 Sep 2020 04:01
September 30, 2020 by Seb Joseph

Of all the trends accelerating due to the pandemic, the rapid growth of e-commerce is the one most likely to stay — and Pinterest is poised to benefit. 

Not only does the social network have an audience growing at breakneck speed — nearly 50 million new customers started using Pinterest since the onset of the pandemic, according to the company — it has also secured more advertisers over the same period.

As a visual search engine, Pinterest positions itself as an alternative way to reach audiences at a time when many advertisers have maxed out the amount of reach they’re able to get from more search and social media. Plus, the whole Pinterest experience is clickable making it easier for advertisers to turn browsers into customers. 

“We’re seeing more of our retail clients particularly the smaller to medium-sized ones, put Pinterest on plans,” said Daisy Leaback, senior account director at Threepipe. “There are a lot more formats on Pinterest now that make it more shoppable for advertisers. Yes, they want to do more awareness, but they ultimately want sales from the media they buy.”

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