How to Close the Loop Between Advertising and Sales

Fourth Source 26 Feb 2020 09:00

Consumer behaviour is constantly changing, driving advertisers to explore new mediums and new ways to interact with and engage their audiences. To deliver results, marketers need to reach the right audiences on the right channel and device at the right time. But getting budget approval on untested tactics doesn’t come easy.

Securing buy-in means marketers have to prove that a new initiative or campaign will increase sales and deliver a return on investment. But how? Marketers have two options: launch on a smaller scale before rolling out more broadly, or prove that a campaign worked after the fact.

Either way, relying on assumptions isn’t the answer. Marketers need to confirm their decisions are well-founded before investing too much budget in a new and untested message, channel or tactic. By proving a direct correlation between marketing efforts and sales, marketers can galvanise support from the team, and secure the resources needed to scale up.

Demonstrating Impact with Incrementality

The goal of marketing is simple: generate sales by promoting a product or service to consumers via ads, emails, events, in-store promotions, or any other viable channel. But proving how marketing activity impacts actual sales is a much harder task.

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