Future of Media: BuzzFeed's Huffpo plan, TikTok's Euro goals, carbon cost of media

The Drum 10 Jun 2021 02:30

After a few weeks of Gaming coverage, we're now getting ready for the Creative Transformation Festival and then Mobile deep-dive ahead. 

BuzzFeed x HuffPost

Like an octopus climbing a tree – that's how one BuzzFeed exec described the news org's arduous ascent into profit. Chris Sutcliffe caught up with BuzzFeed to explore how it's integrating HuffPost's audiences and products into a larger whole after acquiring its media contemporary earlier this year.

Firstly, picture the audiences. There is surprisingly little crossover (10%) between BuzzFeed and HuffPost's readership and in some respects, that's good. BuzzFeed is acquiring new audiences after all. But it has to change tack to address these audiences and that presents a learning curve.

I'm fascinated by how the conversation around reach has changed. BuzzFeed chief Jonah Peretti said: "Our media network will have more users spending significantly more time with our content than any of our peers.” I'm old enough to remember when they'd be boasting about scale, reaching, I don't know, 14bn people, once a year. Rather than, say, a few million loyal readers several times a month with quite good content. BuzzFeed's affiliate and e-commerce revenue is coming to the Huff – but will it be enough?

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