5 Brand Marketing Tips Every Brand Can Learn From the NBA

Entrepeneur 12 Jun 2019 12:00
5 Brand Marketing Tips Every Brand Can Learn From the NBA
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The love for sports is global, but the ability that the National Basketball Association has shown in growing into such a global force cannot be attributed solely to the fact that people love the sport. It has a lot more to do with some serious marketing brilliance on the part of the NBA.

The NFL may still have the upper hand in the numbers for general season income and attendance, but with the growth trends in the NBA in the last decade, it is little wonder they have the NFL looking over their shoulders

The NBA has positioned itself for global dominance and there is no reason you cannot steal a page from their book. Here is how you can position your brand with some amazing marketing;

1. Develop line extensions for your brand.

The creation of the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) in 1996 was a savvy marketing move that kick-started the explosion in women’s support for the NBA in general. This came at a time when women’s interest in the sport was largely non-existent.

Your brand should reflect positive diversity. To do this the little things matter. for instance, a brand which caters to children may show their consciousness for autistic children by choosing colors and designs carefully as diverse designs have diverse effects on them

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