Clark White Publication launches new websites with Better than Paper’s desktop publishing platform

News and Insights 07 Feb 2020 11:09

Better than Paper is delighted to announce the website re-launch for the leading mobile industry trade magazines, Mobile News and What Mobile are using our new and improved desktop publishing platform with many enhanced features and benefits.

Mobile News is theleading mobile industry trade newspaper since 1991. It has been the mobile industry’s ‘Bible’ earning its reputation as the premier resource for independent, accurate and reliable investigative reporting and in-depth features. The print edition is read by more than 6,000 mobile telecoms professionals each month delivering the best quality of reporting and news analysis.

The new website showcases Better than Paper’s latest dynamic designs, offering great navigation and updates in real-time. 

Stephen Watson, Head of Sales and Sponsorship, Mobile News said:Better than Paper have been a delight to work with and have vastly improved the design and back-office engine of our website.  Analytics already show a big increase in traffic and our advertisers are saying they are delighted with the improvement in statistics.

“I am grateful to Better than Paper’s technical department for being so patient with our revisions and our inability to communicate in their language. They never made us feel like we were spoiling their day and are quick to implement changes with speed and lack of complaint"

Ashwin Saddul, founder, Better than Paper, said “I am delighted with our CWP partnership on our successful relaunch of Mobile News and What Mobile brands. These media brands are running on the latest version of our publishing solution with a wide range of design layouts & ad formats using our new proprietary ad serving technology. We have created multiple websites and native apps that publish in real-time and are extremely easy to publish and maintain.”

Clark White Publications produced the UK’s first broadsheet-style trade newspaper for the mobile communications industry. It was launched in November 1991, as a panacea to the traditionally technically top-heavy and jargon-intensive publications. The editorial philosophy of Mobile News and What Mobile is built on the premise that readers crave business and other commercial information that is reliable, accurate and topical.