How Data Engineers & Scientists Are Helping E-commerce Biggies?

Fourth Source 08 Feb 2019 09:00

As big as it is today, e-commerce has had a quaint run.

From anxiety over online identity theft and credit card fraud, the hassle of returning unwanted goods, to the high cost of shipping associated with online purchase.

But e-commerce has had time to grow and develop over the years through hard-learned lessons and new inventions.

One factor that has played a key role in this growth is the rise of Data Science.

Data engineers and scientists have made important impacts across various industries over the years.

“Solutions to the challenges of our future increasingly link back to data and data science” according to Stanford Engineering Dean, Persis Drell.

A study by Forbes Insights revealed that several industries are depending on department specific data and analytics to get strategies off the ground, the majority of which end up being successful.

So one thing is clear:

Data and analytics have a huge stake across many sectors.

But for e-commerce, data is a must.


Because data is like air for e-commerce.

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