Clarifying Marketing's Role in Sales Enablement

Gartner 03 May 2021 11:42
The State of Sales Enablement

The line between marketing and sales responsibilities in sales enablement programs has become blurrier in recent years. With both functions facing internal pressure to grow existing accounts, improve engagement and convert more high-quality leads, it can be difficult to define what each function is on the hook for.

For marketing and sales to meet commercial goals, understanding the customer buying journey should be the foundation of sales enablement programs. Both functions bring different types of customer insights to the table, ultimately shaping the role they will play in meeting their shared objectives. For example, while sellers consistently speak with customers on a more intimate level than marketing does, it’s marketing’s responsibility to identify and activate insights from those sales conversations.

Below are some additional examples of customer insights provided by each function:

Customer Insights Provided by Marketing

  • Sentiment toward category, brands and products
Activating Customer Insights to Understand the Buying Journey

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