Sales Outreach in Five Steps: How to Run Campaigns That Get Results and Don't Burn Your Leads

MarketingProfs 29 Apr 2021 02:00

"Cold emails, cold calls, and cold messaging are dead."

How many times have you heard that? Especially recently, everybody in the B2B world seems to be talking about demand generation, brand marketing, and storytelling.

But if cold channels are dead, then all marketing channels are. Because every relationship starts "cold."

When you first promote a piece of content to a new audience, it's cold. People don't expect to get content from you. They don't trust you. They are often suspicious (Is he trying to sell me something?). Who likes to "be sold to"?

The real problem is how cold sales outreach works today.

The "sellers" on the other side of your screen are self-focused. All of their behavior demonstrates that they don't care about you; they just want an exchange of money to happen as soon as possible.

Modern cold outreach is similar to what we see in Boiler Room and The Wolf of Wall Street: Scrape the contacts. Set up automation. Spam them all. Pray someone will reply. Rinse and repeat.

Let's be clear: That is not sales outreach; it's spam. And that approach is dead.

In this article, I'll focus on the first three steps and share practical examples of Steps 4 and 5 throughout those three steps.

5. Analyze the buying process.

Then, analyze emails and sales calls to validate the sentiments.

7. Define the ICP using all of your data.

Analyze whether there is a match between your product and their needs. Introduce your product, and ask your prospect whether anyone in his or her network might be interested—so you can get priceless intros.

Here's an example of an outreach trigger you can set up.

You can get access to that intent data by installing IP identification software, such as Albacross.

When they engage with your content by answering your message, visiting your profile, or commenting, you have endless opportunities to start the conversation.

I don't get hundreds of likes and comments under my posts, but I consistently get inbound inquiries.

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