Is Every Marketer About to Quit?

Entrepeneur 21 Jul 2021 01:15
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The “Great Resignation” has been reported from nearly every major media publication. People are quitting their jobs post-Covid, looking for better pay, better benefits and more. 

My team over at MarketerHire wondered if marketers, in particular, were planning on quitting. So, we sent out a survey to our 20,000+ newsletter readers, asking them two questions:

  1. Does marketing have a wave of resignations coming?
  2. Are you personally planning to quit your job?

And the results were telling: 78% of respondents said that marketing is about to see a great resignation, and 48% said that they are personally planning on quitting. 

But why? To understand that, we need to look at some of the larger trends in the marketing industry. 

The creator economy

The creator economy is booming, and a lot of marketers can make more money teaching others how to market than they can at a 9 to 5. They do this by putting together online courses and ebooks, producing podcasts, and then doing what they do best: marketing them. 

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