Can Wallkit fix publishing’s subscription dilemma? VentureBeat thinks so

What's New in Publishing 25 Nov 2021 08:15

In the heart of Brooklyn lies a media-tech startup making waves with some of the U.S.’ most progressive publishers – VentureBeat, Digiday, Skift, TheWrap, and others. The startup in question is Wallkit which describes itself as ‘the complete subscription solution’.

For a company that has only been in existence a few short years, Wallkit’s ability to sign up publishers amidst fierce competition from more established rivals makes it one to watch. At the recent Web Summit in Lisbon, we made a point of sitting down with the two co-founders, Piers Fawkes and Tim Roho, to find more about Wallkit’s journey and to learn why existing subscription tech platforms are falling short.

We started by asking Piers to give us the background of Wallkit and to find out what challenges led him to co-found the subscription platform. As with many startups, it was borne out of necessity rather than planning, as Piers explains, “We built Wallkit originally as a paywall for the retail research publisher We looked at the key providers on the market and we couldn’t find a solution that offered the mix of solutions we needed.”

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