Sovrn //Signal: The next generation of ad optimization for publishers

What's New in Publishing 13 Oct 2021 09:36

Sovrn, the publisher technology platform used by over 40,000 digital publishers, has launched //Signal Segments, an advertising tool that empowers publishers to identify, target and price their most valuable ad placements more effectively. 

The tool, which is being trialed with a wide number of publishers, predicts and shares a publisher’s ad quality scores with ad buyers. This allows publishers to conclusively demonstrate the value of their inventory, even down to individual page level, in order to strike the best deal with demand-side buyers.

In market testing with a number of publishers, //Signal Segments has seen participating publishers uplift their advertising cost-per-thousand (CPM) by 7.5%, as well as increase the volume of targetable high-value inventory by 49%.

Babac Vafaey, VP Product – Signal for Sovrn says the problem that //Signal Segments is aiming to solve is straightforward, “Programmatic buyers optimize their budgets through algorithms that factor in multiple data points. Bids are then modified based on the environment in which the ad is served, for example, the device used or specific page. In essence, buyers are asking what is the chance of an ad being seen and acted upon?”

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