Here's How to Get Real Results From ECommerce Email Marketing

Entrepeneur 19 Jul 2021 04:00
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When you couple the uncertainty of a pandemic-riddled economy with ever-increasing social media privacy issues, it's no wonder "electronic mail" has once again become the most effective of online marketing tools. 

Let's explore a slew of send-and-reply trends that are currently lighting up eCommerce...

Specialized solicitation

Hyper-personalization is generally not a new concept in email marketing trends, but the global isolation of a global pandemic has put a new purpose on an old practice. 

Now more than ever, if your audience has made an effort to open your email, you must provide enough value in return.

According to findings by Janrain and Blue Research, 96% of consumers have received mistargeted information or promotions. Clearly companies have failed to grasp the importance of in-box personalization. 

As for the additional downsides to deluging in-boxes with unsolicited nonsense...? 

  • 68% will automatically delete the emails

That doesn't mean starting your initial missive with "Hi Sarah!", but think about dynamic content, artificial intelligence and behavior-based segmentation. Analyze your customer's journey from the beginning and engage them and at the same time reflect your values. 

Here's everything you need to learn about the right automation strategies to keep your brand in the brains of potential customers.

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