How Bloomberg Media has changed its events business

Digiday 29 May 2020 04:00
May 29, 2020 by Lucinda Southern

Patrick Garrigan took up his new position of global head of events division Bloomberg Live on March 2. By day two, it was very apparent that in-person events were going to be challenged to the point of extinction. Within the next 72 hours, Garrigan and the team had drawn up its plans to pivot.

Bloomberg Live has hosted five events in April and May and has another seven scheduled, with more in development. These events are virtual iterations of its franchises like Bloomberg Invest, Bloomberg Equality, tech series Sooner Than You Think, Bloomberg Breakaway series and newly-created Bloomberg Reports. The company is in the enviable position of tapping into engines like Bloomberg Intelligence and Bloomberg Global Data to help power its virtual events.

So far, attendees for its virtual events regularly reach the thousands, according to the company.

In some cases, virtual events have news clout. U.S. billionaire Ray Dalio made headlines during the first Bloomberg Invest series by saying his investment management company, Bridgewater Associates, estimates a hit of $20 trillion to the global economy. This specific event drew over 3,000 viewers asking over 350 questions for an average of 54 minutes, (despite the show lasting only 46-minutes long). The show airs across multiple platforms: Bloomberg TV,, social media and on the Bloomberg Terminal.

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