Spotify’s free podcast hosting platform: Blessings and dangers

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With Anchor, Spotify cemented its role as the dominant podcast player. That carries advantages and risks.

Purists will always tell you a podcast is only a podcast if there is an RSS feed in its backbone. Without that, it’s just an “audio show on the internet”.

The funny thing is, podcasts essentially are just “audio shows on the internet”. The revolutionary change, introduced twenty years ago, was that thanks to the RSS feed podcasting became an open medium.

That means that, just like e-mail, it is run on an open protocol. Anyone can create an app that can download and play podcasts. On the other end, anyone can set up a podcast hosting platform.

Sure, RSS has its own problems and limitations. Even the “Podfather”, as industry insiders like to jokingly call Adam Curry (widely credited for popularizing the podcast medium), has been working on Podcasting 2.0

This is an initiative to upgrade the podcast ecosystem to current standards and needs of creators. It consists of several projects like Podcast Index or Podcast Namespace. Think of it as upgrading the core technology that podcasts run on.

Tech giant wants to help: The bad

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