Be mindful of personalization: Yoga International’s John Daskovsky

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In this edition, Bibblio CEO Mads Holmen takes up position opposite Yoga International’s Chief Technology Officer, John Daskovsky. Trusted as the “authentic voice of yoga” since 1991, US-based Yoga International now provides a diverse array of exclusive multimedia content for yoga, meditation, and mindful living to over 300,000 members.

John tells Mads of the importance of content quality,  personalized experiences and their multi-lingual expansions.

John Daskovsky, CTO at Yoga International
John Daskovsky, CTO at Yoga International

Mads: Who is Yoga International’s target audience?

J: Our target audience has always been yoga students and teachers who are looking for a trustworthy resource to practice yoga online. We’ve recently seen a shift in our audience to ages 25-54, as yoga becomes more mainstream. People are looking to experience the benefits of a yoga and meditation practice, and we have the best content and platform to make that happen!

M: Which different types of content are you offering them?

J: We offer streaming yoga classes, audio meditation and relaxation, podcasts, articles, and workshop-style courses for our members. We also launched a Spanish-language site in April, which includes original classes, articles, and member courses.

M: You’ve managed to grow impressively, what has been the secret sauce?

M: What’s your social media strategy, and how important is it for you to be present on those platforms?

M: What’s your fastest growing area?

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