Ukrayinska Pravda: Bringing innovation to the membership model

What's New in Publishing 08 Apr 2021 07:15

With the rollout of another membership program, we look out how the newsroom put the reader revenue playbook into practice and the added value it produced.

Editor’s note: The following is a summary of the case study of the Ukrayinska Pravda membership model, launched in mid-2020. The article recaps key points from the full report prepared by the Ukrayinska Pravda membership team. 

There are an abundance of reader revenue model success stories in Western media markets. More interesting, is when these solutions spread across the globe, where they are tested, refined and implemented in more challenging economic landscapes, with comparably lower GDP per capita or without established traditions of paying for content.  

Ukraine fits this mold. It also has a distorted media market with political players tied to big money casting a wide net. The prime example is Ukrainian TV, where all the biggest channels are controlled  by oligarchs. Independent digital media outlets work hard to maintain and increase their market shares. Ukrainians generally don’t pay for news content so independent news outlets have begun looking to membership as a monetization model.

Ukrayinska Pravda now employs up to 70 people and has a monthly readership of 10 million users.  It has more than 10 million users monthly and a total of 1,6 million followers across its social media pages.

Editor’s Club, the final level, focused on the wealthier side of the audience. With 14 million unique monthly users, a sizable chunk of UP’s audience comes from the country’s elites, but also others interested in deeper engagement. 

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