Eight Ad Tech Innovators' Hopes and Expectations for 2021

MarketingProfs 07 Apr 2021 02:00

Although the ad tech industry wasn't hit the hardest by the pandemic, it still felt ripples of the crisis from other businesses. Advertising growth was stalled: Predicted media ad spend for 2021 dropped from $758B to $738B as a result.

Apart from the global recession that benefited some technologies and disrupted others, ad tech went through local disruptions that prompted industry leaders to think outside the box. The death of cookies and IDFA, new privacy regulations, ad format popularity shifts, and the arrival of new technologies all contributed to a sense of uncertainty.

To shed some light on what we can expect in ad tech for 2021, we spoke to eight innovators of ad tech from Google, LiveRamp, Epom, and others.

Which 2020 events affected ad tech the most, and how can we deal with the consequences?

Michael Sweeney, head of marketing at Clearcode

From my point of view, the announcements by Google and Apple about their respective privacy changes were the biggest events of 2020 in the ad tech industry.

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