The Importance of Citizen Development and Citizen IT

Gartner 10 Oct 2019 03:26

by Jason Wong  |  October 10, 2019  |  Submit a Comment

Business-led IT differs from shadow IT in two vitally important ways. Business-led IT is open and transparent from start to finish, whereas shadow IT is hidden and under the radar for all or part of its life cycle. Secondly, business-led IT is usually much more of a collaborative effort between business and IT where appropriate standards and policies are applied. Gartner has seen business-led IT practices taking place with growing frequency and increasing spend, which, based on a recent Gartner survey, is about 36% of the IT budgetBusiness units are also increasingly controlling their own application development efforts, of which citizen development will play a crucial role in the future of apps. Application leaders need to help define, guide and optimize citizen development to maximize mutual benefits for business and IT (see “The Future of Apps Must Include Citizen Development“).

Anyone Can Be A Developer

In a Gartner survey on business unit IT, 46% of respondents stated that increase for business-led IT spend was due to increased development of software, applications or databases. In another Gartner survey on citizen development, 41% of respondents have active citizen development initiatives and 20% of those that don’t are either evaluating or plan to start citizen development initiatives.

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