YouTube Premium remains small potatoes for video publishers

Digiday 11 Jan 2019 05:01

Even after a strong year of growth, YouTube Premium is still not delivering meaningful subscription revenue for video publishers.

The overall percentage of YouTube revenue generated by YouTube Premium views remains minuscule — typically in the single-digit percentages of overall YouTube revenues, despite year-over-year growth of more than 100 percent — according to sources at four different publishers that average at least 100 million views each per month on YouTube.

Sources did note that YouTube Premium viewership is rising: One source said that views from YouTube Premium rose 80 percent year over year, with revenue growing 120 percent; a second source said it saw 200 percent growth in views. Two other sources declined to share hard numbers, but confirmed that YouTube Premium viewership and revenue had grown in 2018. And yet, sources said YouTube Premium still accounted for an “insignificant” percentage of the money they made from the video streaming platform. Most of the money video publishers make on YouTube still comes from ads.

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