LadBible looks to further shed bro image with revamped women’s site Tyla

Digiday 11 Oct 2019 04:00

LadBible made its name with Facebook fare of prank-meets-entertainment videos, like this guy getting squirted in the face with pepper spray and this on America’s fattest bear. But the 7-year-old site continues to grow up — and rolling out a new women’s Tyla, in an attempt to tap more brand budgets and deepen existing advertiser relationships.

The new site continues on the departure from the early LadBible formula of just serving quick viral fodder by also tackling serious issues, such as a first-person feature on a misdiagnosis of postpartum depression and another where the writer has cut out her toxic family. It’s also releasing a video franchise “Tyla confessionals” where people share their most outrageous stories.

Tyla is an outgrowth of Pretty 52, a female-focused spinoff LadBibe began on July 2017 that took its cues from the LadBible formula with content like “Dog With ‘Human Face’ Becomes Online Celebrity” and “Dad-To-Be Poses With Beer Belly After Wife Was Too Sick To Attend Maternity Shoot”

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