How Pomelo and Grab created their own streetwear cred

The Drum 13 Jan 2021 01:00

Fashion platform Pomelo and super app Grab joined forces in 2020 to produce limited-edition fashion merchandise as both brands look to provide new experiences for their consumers. Marketing leads from both brands take The Drum under the hood of their partnership.

Thailand-based Pomelo is always keen to partner with brands on initiatives that will make an impact, Jean Thomas, the chief marketing officer at Pomelo explains to The Drum. That is why the platform collaborated with Grab to create this collection to bring its customers and fans “an unexpected surprise”, pushing the boundaries of what a fashion collaboration can be.

“The Pomelo x Grab collection also provides our customers with the opportunity to celebrate Grab’s drivers and delivery riders, who were at the forefront of the pandemic, ensuring consumers still had access to essential goods during these challenging times,” he adds.

“It was thus an easy decision to team up with Pomelo, a well-loved fashion brand that has evolved into a true omnichannel powerhouse,” she says. “In the last few months, we have observed that consumers are finding more ways to appreciate our delivery-partners, such as by participating in several of our initiatives like “Buy your delivery rider a meal”, as well as tipping our partners more frequently.”

The collection’s signature piece is a PU leather jacket, a fashion piece with tongue-in-cheek graphics and taglines inspired by Grab and Pomelo. The assortment also features three statement T-shirts splashed with taglines such as “we both do delivery”, along with fashion accessories in the form of the classic bandana with both brand logos stamped on.

“For the Pomelo x Grab campaign, we kept the styling fresh and upbeat, to entice our fans to get their hands on these exclusive limited-edition fashion merchandise,” explains Thomas.

He adds: “Marketing efforts from both brands range from in-app advertisements to engaging over 70 top fashion influencers in all markets to style the collection, announcing the exclusive collaboration via local and regional media titles and publications, and creating a buzz amongst customers via social media, exclusive giveaways, and email newsletters. These activities kept fans of both brands excited leading up to the launch date.”

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