Black FriYay or Nay UK?

The Drum 02 Dec 2019 10:18
By Steve Looney-02 December 2019 10:18am

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Turkey, pumpkin pie and parades – it can only mean one thing. Thanksgiving has just happened.

Recent years have seen the momentum for the sales period associated with this holiday - Black Friday - increase in the UK, so much so that the discounts stretch beyond just the Friday following Thanksgiving to a whole weekend or even a week of discounts.

So, what is the big deal about Black Friday? Opinium’s Retail Tracker team delve into the nitty-gritty behind our hired holiday from across the pond.

Even though the initial craze for Black Friday, which saw queues of shoppers outside retailers eager to snap up the best bargains, may have died down, awareness of the event is still universal, and half of shoppers can even name what date it falls on this year (the 29th if you didn’t know).

The key reason behind this negative outlook is that 42% of those who won’t be trudging to the shops this Black Friday dismiss it as a ploy by retailers to get people to spend more money.

Show me the money

45 – 54 year olds appear to be the keenest to take advantage, with an average spend of £282.

Black Friday appears to be the holiday of self-gifting, with two thirds (66%) buying treats for themselves. This is particular true for younger shoppers as this figure rises to 76% among 18 – 24 year olds.

One of the reasons you won’t be seeing any panic stricken shoppers in the news about Black Friday as it has mainly moved online, with the majority of shoppers saying they will be doing their shopping online.

Those shoppers who are venturing in store are looking forward to it. with 23% saying they like the thrill, and of course the key reason is the one thing online can’t deliver – actually seeing the product first hand, with 48% heading in store for this reason.

Black Friday - is it here to stay?

36% of shoppers who celebrate Christmas use the sales as a chance to get a head start on their present buying and 25% specifically wait for this time of the year to buy expensive items on their wish lists.

Things could go dark very quickly for Black Friday if retailers don’t keep consumers engaged.

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