Mastering AI in advertising is a marathon, not a sprint

Fourth Source 29 May 2019 08:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been filling column inches for a while now – and for good reason. The tech is set to be transformative: whether its health, retail, automotive, or even education, AI is creating buzz across the board. Marketing and adtech are no different, but require their own specific, tailored approach.

With all the excitement, it’s tempting to rush in, pick out the biggest and best tech solution, and go great guns. But it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew: taking your time and getting each step right will make all the difference in the long term. Here’s a few suggestions on how to set out on your AI journey in the right way and start feeling the benefits from day one.

No time like the present

First things first – AI is not all ‘adaptive neuro fuzzy inference systems’ and ‘admissible heuristics’. Despite its reputation as ultramodern and extremely complex, AI belongs very much to the here and now – and it needn’t be rocket science. In fact, there’s a whole range of simple AI that can be easily integrated into advertising campaigns without breaking the bank – or blowing up your brain.

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