Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy 2021

Gartner 14 Sep 2021 09:00

The Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy has turned 6 this year. Since its inception, its main charter has been to educate and inform CSCOs and supply chain strategy leaders on the top supply chain capabilities that are critical to both continuous improvement and innovation.

We track each of these capabilities along their life cycle, starting with an Innovation Trigger, a major event or breakthrough that generates industry interest. Invariably the capability goes through a period of hype where it can’t live up to unrealistic expectation of impact. This often leads to the Trough Of Disillusionment where organizations question the capability’s value. For some capabilities they survive this disillusionment and emerge as a core competency, becoming productive and consistently delivering supply chain value.

Entering and Retiring Capabilities

This year, we have added two new capabilities — Supply Chain Resilience and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) — both driven to the forefront by current macro trends.

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