Marvel superheroes promote engineering to potential future talent

B2B Marketing 04 Jan 2019 10:22

Marvel superheroes gathered at The Excel to launch a partnership with the government’s Year of Engineering campaign.

Joining them were the minister of the campaign Nusrat Ghani and 30 children from Berger Primary school in Hackney. Real-life engineering superheroes such as a female army engineer and weight-lifter, and an expert in comic book technology also attended.

At the event children took the ‘More Heroes Needed Aptitude Test’ which outlined the superhero qualities they share with characters such as The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. It also told them how these skills could help them be successful in engineering.

Aside from the launch, the test is also being promoted via paid social, influencer content and direct communications to schools.

The overall aim of the government campaign is to promote engineering as a desirable career path for the next generation. The campaign which began in 2018 has already increased the number of 7-11 year olds that would consider engineering by 36%.

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