iPhone 12 vs Samsung Galaxy S20: the latest smartphone features, specs and cameras compared

Telegraph 15 Oct 2020 01:37

Now we know what the latest iPhone looks like, we can ask how it compares with its market rival: the Samsung Galaxy S20. 

Apple's virtual iPhone launch - the first of its kind thanks to Covid-19 restrictions - was filled with technical terms and phrases like "Lidar", "Ultra-Wide Band" and "nano ceramic crystals". 

It announced a £699 iPhone 12 mini, one of four 5G-enabled phones unveiled by the tech giant and the most affordable flagship-series phone the company has announced in several years, alongside the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Both the Apple and Samsung phones come in various size and price points, so we have compared the standard model iPhone 12 with the Galaxy S20. 

iPhone 12 vs Samsung S20 price

Samsung and Apple are neck and neck with the S20's 5G version beginning at £799 compared to the iPhone 12's price of £799. 

The iPhone 12 can cost as much as £949 for a model with more storage.

iPhone 12 vs Samsung S20 camera and storage

The iPhone 12 comes with 64GB extending up to 256GB for an additional price, while the Galaxy S20 comes with 128GB storage 

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