Reinventing the way traditional media organizations master digital content

Digiday 13 Jun 2019 04:03

Traditional media companies are being challenged to produce more and more digital content that is not only high quality but also produced in a cost-effective way. It’s no secret that a smart digital strategy and efficient execution are a matter of survival in today’s fast-moving and increasingly mobile media landscape. It’s the difference between profit and loss, success and failure.  

In order to succeed, traditional media companies must repurpose content and make it work even harder across digital channels. As budgets grow tighter, broadcasters, content producers and rights holders need tools that also work harder, so it makes sense that the same tools used for traditional broadcast video production are used for digital content creation and distribution — saving time and money. Here’s an inside look at using tools to reinvent the way traditional media companies master digital publishing.  

Reinvention and rejuvenation
End-to-end integrated desktop solutions hold incredible power. It’s about speed, ease and efficiency, not powerful machines and huge infrastructure. Easy-to-use tools allow content creators to produce compelling content — even with 3D animation and data-driven graphics — and publish directly to social platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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