‘We have our work cut out for us’: How Havas is launching a major campaign to overcome its lack of racial diversity in the U.S.

Digiday 07 Aug 2020 04:01
August 7, 2020 by Seb Joseph

With just 6% of the 4,000 people it employs in the U.S. identifying as black, Havas’ hasn’t done enough to spread racial diversity across the group. But the company has vowed to change — starting with a plan to ensure the non-white employees in the U.S. get more support and opportunities.

The initiative was launched internally last month during a series of virtual town halls where global chief talent officer Patti Clarke outlined seven steps: data transparency, providing industry access, breaking systems and evolving, education and ownership, accelerating careers, amplifying diverse voices and compensation accountability.

Each area consists of another list of initiatives that have target start dates, said Clarke. She is in the process of identifying owners for each point and from there will work with those execs to have project plans with set objectives, all focused on building a more diverse business and a stronger culture. Once those execs are assigned a project, targets will be set.

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